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Cash cattle traded higher
Brad Hulett: Cash Up, Board Down

Cattle traded in the south early in the week at $1 higher prices, suggesting packers were hungry for inventory.

Cash cattle traded lower
Cash Market Stumbles Before Board Runs

If investors continue to find value in the live cattle market, producers may see a run in the board that could carry over into the live cattle trade.

Cash prices traded lower
Brad Hulett: Cash Backs Up

Packers didn't show much interest in pursuing additional inventory last week, and the result was a cash market that traded $1 lower.

Cattle markets traded $2 lower
Positive Basis Encourages Lower Trade

Last Monday the cattle market felt the same negativity as all other markets with the uncertainty of what may happen to global trade due to the effects of the coronavirus.

Cash cattle sold at steady prices
Sideways Cattle Market Continues

The market is sitting in a holding position in this mid $120’s range, and the movement is anticipated to remain flat for the short-term.

Cash cattle traded steady
Distressed Futures Keeps Cattle Market Steady

While the CME futures was under distress last week, hedgers were able to receive the best basis they have seen for several weeks and the result was a steady cash market.

Cattle traded steady
Packer Inventory and Margins Stall Cash Rise.

Surplus packer inventories and halted Saturday kills due to dwindling processing margins has stalled out the cash cattle market for now.

Cash cattle traded higher
Positive Start To New Year For Cattle Feeders

Packers were aggressive in obtaining inventory to start the new year, and the result was a cash cattle market that gained $2 in both the north and south.