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Hulett: Weather Slows Beef Production in the South

Beef production slowed to a virtual standstill in the South due to extreme winter weather. Heavy demand on electricity and natural gas limited packers from running at capacity, and their need for inventory was limited.

Hulett: Packers All In, Market Stalled

Four packers participated in negotiated cash trade in the South last week, but their bids were disappointing as none needed additional inventory.

Market Alley
Cash Climb is Painfully Slow

Cash cattle markets continued its painfully slow climb higher last week, and most feeder anticipated the gain would be faster. Feedyard costs are on the rise, and any gains are most welcome.

Brad Hulett
Hulett: Fighting For Dollars

Cattle feeders showed they have the resolve to fight for higher bids during last week's cash cattle trade. The market rallied $3 as the futures market continues to suggest better days ahead.

Cash cattle improve
Hulett: Cash Cattle Gaining Ground

On-feed numbers indicate that packers could be running low on committed cattle, which should force some packers back into the cash market in the coming weeks.

Hulett: Packers Get Picky

The over-supply of cattle combined with a lack of interest from packers pushed the cash cattle market lower last week.

Market steady
Hulett: Cattle Market Holds Steady

Even as last week's prices were steady, it should be noted packers have been buying cattle for several weeks out, which is not behavior that would suggest packers feel that the market is going to be softer.

Cattle traded higher last week
Hulett: More Cash Rings in the New Year

Cattle feeders found higher prices as 2020 came to a close, but their ability to push the market higher may hinge on how Live Cattle futures perform in the first weeks of the New Year.