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Soft packer demand continues
Poor Harvest Rate Continues To Challenge Cattle Trade

The reduced number of cattle harvested wasn’t a surprise with the issues that all packers have faced in the past few weeks with COVID-19.

Cash cattle prices under pressure
Market Retreat Expected With Smaller Harvests

Cattle feeders experienced a week of light participation from packers as the impact of COVID-19 begins to hamper beef production facilities.

Packer demand was soft last week.
Cash Market Falters On Soft Packer Demand

Cash cattle prices were under pressure as packer demand was soft in both the North and South last week. Numbers of ready cattle will grow in the coming weeks.

Cattle prices rallied last week.
Higher Cash Is Probably Short-Lived

Can prices gained in last week's fed cattle rally be maintained? There is some concern that the lack of cattle moving in the cash trade is starting to back cattle up and hurt hard-earned gains.

Disconnect Between Cash, Futures And Packers

Packer margin is significant. However, why is packer profitability the only focus, and we are not as outraged about the other “elephant in the room” issue within our market?

Pandemonium Over Coronavirus Drives Cash Lower

Cattle producers continued to be in the crosshairs of the chaos in the global markets. In the south producers found $110 was the best trade they could get, with cattle trading as low as $105 by the end of last week.

Markets are on a rollercoaster
CME Board Mimics A Rollercoaster

After several days of up and downs in CME futures prices, cattle feeders saw their chances of getting back to steady slip away on Thursday as the board sold off.

A wide basis jump-started last week's cattle trade.
Coronavirus Takes Its Toll On The Cattle Market

If there was ever a question of how much outside influence there is on the cattle market it was completely exposed this past week with fears over the coronavirus growing.