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Start horn fly control earlier than later

Start a fly control program early to capture higher rates of gain.

Profit Suckers: Parasites in Cattle

While there hasn’t been any recent academic institution research on the economic impact of parasites in cattle, a 2007 study, “Economic Analysis of Pharmaceutical Technologies in Modern Beef Production,” by researchers at Iowa State University, found deworming to be one of the most beneficial technologies available to beef producers.

Parasite Control for Cow Calf Operations

With grass turnout comes exposure to parasites that have overwintered either in the pasture or in the cattle themselves.

Dealing with Worms in the Cow Herd

Veterinarians have an opportunity to help clients improve production efficiency and returns with customized parasite control.

Deworming cows prior to spring turnout can prevent egg shedding and improve overall herd health and productivity.
Worms in the cow herd

Veterinarians and producers generally recognize that control of internal parasites is critical and cost-effective, particularly in calves and replacement heifers. In the mature cow herd, however, where the effects of pa

Fly Control in Beef Grazing Herds

Flies are like pennies, they can add up to real dollars.

BeefTalk: Parasites, the Unwanted Guest

Be on the lookout for parasites this year.

Reducing Fly Populations on Pastured Cattle in Nebraska

As late spring and early summer approaches, livestock producers should begin the process of evaluating their pasture fly control options for their specific management system.