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Ag And Food Groups Unveil Climate Policy Platform

As former Vice President Joe Biden prepares to address climate change across every federal agency in a new administration, a coalition of ag and food groups is laying out a framework for climate policy.

Retail Demand Slides, Is There Still Need for Cattle Investigation?

Producers watch to see if retail beef demand will continue its slow decline as consumers’ freezers are now packed with meat. There’s a discussion on market manipulation and if there’s a need for an investigation.

Fed’s Announcement Not Showing Much Impact to Livestock Markets

Fears of the coronavirus continue to haunt the stock market despite the Federal Reserve’s efforts to calm it. Live cattle prices have dropped to numbers producers and traders haven’t seen in nearly a decade.

Tiff With China Continues, How Are Other Trade Deals Moving Along?

However, has there been any progress on other trade deals? With the markets swinging up and down during Monday's trading session, what is happening? AgDay and U.S. Farm Report reporter Betsy Jibben has the story.

Washington Correspondent: "I'm More Upbeat On Japan" With Trade Deal

No rest for the U.S. trade team. The negotiators meeting with Japanese officials about a possible trade deal between the two countries with an emphasis on agriculture. AgDay National Reporter Betsy Jibben has more.

New South Carolina Law Bans Lab Grown Protein from Advertising as Meat

South Carolina has passed a new law that keeps protein grown in a laboratory from stem cells as advertising as “meat.”

Settlement Talks Under Way Over Missouri Meat-Labeling Law

Settlement discussions are under way over a lawsuit challenging a Missouri measure making it a misdemeanor crime to promote plant-based food products as “meat.”

Some Horse Advocates Buck at New Plan to Save Wild Mustangs

Animal welfare groups have reached a milestone agreement with ranching interests they say would save wild mustangs from slaughter but the compromise has opened a nasty split among horse protection advocates.