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Image: Farm Journal
China Books Record Weekly U.S. Beef Purchases, Also Buys U.S. Corn

China made its largest weekly U.S. beef purchases on record last week, followed by its biggest U.S. corn deals in almost a month this week, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data released on Thursday.

3 months ago
Indiana Farmer Matthew Raver and his wife, Britney, both survived COVID-19
Farmer Survives COVID-19, Hopes His Farm Will Too

Indiana farmer survives 12 days of fever, pneumonia, and dehydration due to COVID-19 and he warns others that the fragile and frail aren't the only people at risk.

7 months ago
Frozen Dinosaur: Farmer Finds Huge Alligator Snapping Turtle Under Ice

On a harsh winter day in 2018, Robbie Polk chanced upon a dinosaur suspended in ice.

9 months ago
American Treasure: Pole Vaulting Farmer, 77, is a Living Legend

Cook Holliday, 77, is a legendary pole vaulting farmer and an American treasure hiding in plain sight.

9 months ago
Conservation Agriculture Gains National Momentum

Farm Journal and foundational partners introduce America’s Conservation Ag Movement special edition of the magazine.

10 months ago
Corn Maverick: Cracking the Mystery of 60-Inch Rows

In 2017, Bob Recker kicked open the door on 60” row corn, and exposed a ton of questions on sunlight capture, weed suppression, cover crops, and much more.

1 year ago
A U.S. District Judge has granted a partial preliminary injunction on Hammond Ranches grazing.
Judge Limits Hammond’s Grazing As Case Proceeds

A U.S. District Judge has granted a partial preliminary injunction, approving an alternative grazing plan for the Hammond’s cattle that the Bureau of Land Management had proposed in June.

1 year ago
The Gravedigger’s Tale: Farm Venture Turns Into Ministry

David Heidt is far more than a gravedigger—he is a minister of comfort. Beneath the ground of Heidt’s farmland, 2,500 meticulous horse burials testify to his care and service.

1 year ago