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Backgrounding calves
Rising Feed Prices Affect Backgrounding Decisions

As feed prices rise, calf prices tend to trend lower, and ranchers may consider backgrounding calves for a period of time to help get calves through weaning stress and develop immunity through administered vaccines.

1 month ago
"Chick" or Treat: Costumes Inspired by the Barnyard

Thanks to our readers, here's a slide show of farm-themed Halloween costumes for everyone to enjoy. Stay tuned to the end for a do-it-yourself costume that's sure to turn heads.

1 month ago
Angus VNR: Prevention and Preparation Pay

Ensuring calf health from day one spells success later – in performance and quality. Zoetis veterinarian Mark Alley shares why it's important to have a prevention and treatment plan ready.

2 months ago
Glenn Selk: Prolonged Labor Affects Post-Calving Re-Breeding

Providing assistance to cows or first calf heifers generally concentrates on the survival and health of the calf. However, calving difficulty resulting in prolonged labor can have adverse effects on the cow as well. 

2 months ago
Weaning calves
Managing Calves Prior to Weaning

Calves are most successful in transitioning off the farm when they’ve had good care, are current on their vaccinations, and have been exposed to the challenges of a changing diet.

2 months ago
Spring calves
Preconditioning Evolves

Demand for calves with documented health records and backgrounded for 45 to 90 days has become so strong that auction premiums are receding while steep discounts may apply.

5 months ago
The COVID-19 Pandemic May Lead to Changes in Calf Care

K-State beef cattle experts share tips for treating calves during the coronavirus pandemic.

6 months ago
Glenn Selk: Expectations for Estrus Synchronization and AI Programs

Producers who want to improve the genetic makeup of their beef herds often turn to AI as a tool to accomplish that goal.  Many times, these producers have very high expectations as they begin the first season of AI.

6 months ago