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Commentary: On the meaning of ‘natural’

Jun 11, 2013 by Drovers
We love the term, especially if it's plastered on the front of our food packaging. But if we drill down a bit, we discover that the term ‘natural' has different meanings for different products.

Brewery mash makes for contented cows, farmers say

Jun 10, 2013 by Drovers
It's a happy marriage of recycling and animal husbandry for two beef cattle operations in Nelson County. Massie and Joyce Saunders feed spent mash from Blue Mountain Barrel House Brewery as a supplement to their herd at

Big bales wrapped in plastic make baleage

Jun 04, 2013 by Drovers
The 2013 hay season, with little sunshine and lots of rain, increases interest in making baleage, or silage in a bag, says Rob Kallenbach, University of Missouri Extension forage specialist.

Stress and the breeding season

Jun 04, 2013 by Drovers
Sometimes in the middle of A.I. season it seems as though we should be more worried about reducing stress on ourselves than our cow herd.

Red meat exports to Philippines thriving

Jun 04, 2013 by Drovers
The Philippines has emerged as one of this year's fastest growing markets for U.S. pork and beef exports. Regulatory issues slowed shipments to this market in 2012, due in part to pressure from the domestic livestock in

Commentary: Ex-vegan admits the truth

Jun 03, 2013 by Drovers
It takes years of physical deterioration, plus the moxie to summon up a change in one's diet, for born-again believers in veganism to finally admit the truth: They got it all wrong.

NCBA Op-Ed: The fallacy of COOL

May 31, 2013 by Drovers
With the recent action by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in releasing their amended Mandatory Country-of-Origin Labeling (COOL) rule, it seems COOL is once again the talk of the sale barn and the cafe.