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At what point do we run out of cattle?

Jan 17, 2011 by Drovers
The U.S. beef cow herd has decreased 12 of the last 14 years, dropping from a cyclical peak of 35.3 million head in 1996 to the January 2010 level of 31.3 million head.

ATV cattle guards (Facilities)

Jan 17, 2011 by Drovers
Opening and closing gates in high-traffic areas can waste a lot of time. Bridgewater, Iowa, rancher Evan Rayl estimates the cattle guards he built for his ATV saves an hour a day during the two-month-long calving season

A low-cost commodity shed (Facilities)

Jan 17, 2011 by Drovers
This truck box from a used commercial vehicle serves as an inexpensive storage place for the protein-mineral mixes. It does a good job of keeping these high-cost speciality blends dry.