Demand For Grazing Cattle Fierce


The first hint of green grass was evident throughout much of the Midwest last week, and moisture across the High Plains was welcome with warmer weather on the way.

Feeder steers and heifers sold uneven last week, from $2 lower to $2 higher, according to Agricultural Marketing Service reporters. Demand for light-weight cattle to background was called good with supplies tight.

“When numbers of grazing cattle show up at the auction, the competition is fierce to own them,” AMS reporters said. “A much greater supply of heavier, backgrounded steers and heifers exist nationwide as producers have worked for years push weaning weights higher as cow-calf producers get paid on weight.”

Demand was mostly moderate on cattle headed to feedyards as supplies were adequate. AMS noted a large offering in the auctions in the Northern Plains again this week as producers work to get their yards emptied out before new crop calves start hitting the ground.

AMS also noted much higher grain costs compared to one year ago. Cash corn in SW Kansas taded at $5.69 to $5.84 this year, which compares to $3.45 to $3.65 last year.

Auction receipts totaled 303,200 head last week, compared to 282,400 the previous week. Last year receipts totaled 198,200.


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