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White clover actually scores out fairly well in terms of nitrogen credits.
How Do Clovers Add Nitrogen to Pastures?

One of the most important practices that any forage producer can incorporate into their program is adding legumes to grass pastures and hayfields. 

Cover Crops And Cattle Are Cash

On Mikey Taylor’s farmland, cover crops and livestock are the vehicle to building high-potential soils.

Terry, left, DenaMarie and Wayne Springer are pushing toward open-pollinating corn and direct-to-consumer beef.
Wayne Springer is Tired of Paying $300 for Traited Corn Seed

Wayne Springer is tired of paying $300 for a bag of traited corn seed. Unafraid to change horses in midstream, the 60-year-old producer is transitioning from a row crop farm to a ranching operation.

Oregon Grass Seed Harvest Ramps up with Good Weather

After having to throttle down for more than a week due to periods of pounding rainfall and spotty hail, mid-Willamette Valley farmers put combines back to work in area grass seed fields over the weekend.