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Cover Crops And Cattle Are Cash

On Mikey Taylor’s farmland, cover crops and livestock are the vehicle to building high-potential soils.

2 years ago
Terry, left, DenaMarie and Wayne Springer are pushing toward open-pollinating corn and direct-to-consumer beef.
Wayne Springer is Tired of Paying $300 for Traited Corn Seed

Wayne Springer is tired of paying $300 for a bag of traited corn seed. Unafraid to change horses in midstream, the 60-year-old producer is transitioning from a row crop farm to a ranching operation.

3 years ago
Oregon Grass Seed Harvest Ramps up with Good Weather

After having to throttle down for more than a week due to periods of pounding rainfall and spotty hail, mid-Willamette Valley farmers put combines back to work in area grass seed fields over the weekend.

4 years ago