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Greg Hanes: Change for Change’s Sake?

It’s easy to get swept up by the itch for something different, change for change’s sake. But, it’s important to do your homework, because there are many reasons producers still value the Beef Checkoff, Hanes says.

Greg Hanes CEO Cattlemen's Beef Board
Greg Hanes: Beef Demand Is a Well-Primed Pump

The process of generating beef demand is like a well-primed pump. It provides the beef industry with the means to push our great product into the hands of hungry consumers the world over.

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Beef Checkoff: The September Decision

The Cattlemen's Beef Promotion Operating Committee will meet in Denver, Colorado, Sept. 9 and 10 to discuss, debate and ultimately allocate around $40 million for eligible beef industry programs within the Beef Checkoff.

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The Beef Checkoff: The Truth Is in Plain Sight

Misinformation floating around about the Beef Checkoff in recent weeks has producers seeking answers to questions about the state of our industry. Greg Hanes, CBB CEO provides some key information.

Commentary: Beef Checkoff: Exports & Imports Bring Value to Industry

Beef exports and imports are certainly a challenging topic to tackle for American cattle farmers and ranchers, but they are an integral part of our beef industry here in the United States.  

Beef Checkoff
Greg Hanes: Beef Checkoff: The Decision Makers – Part 2

Cattlemen's Beef Board CEO Greg Hanes says the Beef Checkoff was "designed by producers, for producers, to build value by focusing on key areas of research and promotion to drive demand for our beef around the world."

Beef Checkoff
Greg Hanes: The Reality of the Beef Checkoff

In the few months since Greg Hanes became CEO of the Cattlemen’s Beef Board he says "there appears to be many misperceptions, false rumors, and misinformation about how the checkoff works and is administered."