Livestock Losses Still Being Tallied in Nebraska

Livestock Losses Still Being Tallied 032719
Flooding in Nebraska ( State of Nebraska Office of the Governor )

Between the blizzards and the floods in Nebraska, producers are reporting losses when it comes to livestock. It's not just dead livestock, but animals that are simply gone.

That's why officials say it's hard to get a handle on the exact numbers. Bobbie Kris-Wickam of the State Farm Agency office says, "It's because there are plenty of producers that are still assessing their situation and trying to figure out how many cattle they have lost for sure."

Without solid numbers, it's hard to know the overall effect on Nebraska's beef cattle industry will be, or how it might affect things on a national scale.

Nebraska is an important feedlot state. It had 2.6 million head of cattle on feed as of March 1st.  That equates to 22% of the total national feedlot inventory.