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Profit Tracker: Feeding Margins Exceed $170

Cattle feeders saw positive margins on closeouts for the ninth consecutive week.

Profit Tracker: Margins Retreat for Packers, Producers

Cattle feeders turned a profit for the eighth consecutive week.

Profit Tracker: Feedyard Margins Exceed $150

Feedlot closeouts continue ending on positive notes.

Profit Tracker: Profits 4 Consecutive Weeks

Cattle feeders earned average profits of $68 per head last week, $30 per head more than the previous week.

Profit Tracker: Still in the Black

Normally when profit margins decline $50-plus per head there’s no rejoicing. 

Profit Tracker: Profits Near Triple-Digits

Cattle feeders turned a tidy profit for the second consecutive week.

Profit Tracker: Eureka! In the Black

Cattle feeders earned a small profit on cattle sold last week, the first positive closeouts in months.