Ranching Industry Stakeholders Receive Certificate at KRIRM Ranch Management Symposium

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On October 24, 2013, 13 ranching and agricultural professionals received the Texas AgFinance Certificate in Advanced Ranch Management at the 10th Annual Holt Cat Symposium on Excellence in Ranch Management.

The certificate program, offered by the King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management (KRIRM) at Texas A&M University-Kingsville (TAMUK) as a component to KRIRM’s outreach efforts, awards individuals for the completion of a series of lectureships and symposia throughout a three-year period. An endowment by Texas AgFinance in 2008 has culminated this lectureship series and symposia, which has reached more than 2,750 individuals from 33 states and five countries, into the Texas AgFinance Certificate in Advanced Ranch Management. Certification requires completion of four lectureships and two symposia within a three-year period.

Lectureship topics range from prescribed burning and equine management, to managerial accounting, systems thinking, and strategic planning. Each event is instructed by internationally recognized experts in their respective fields. Lectureships promote group work and discussion, which contributes greatly to the overall value and experience for attendees. In addition to the classroom style workshop, a number of lectureships include hands-on training and field exercises.

The KRIRM showcase event each year is the annual Holt Cat Symposium on Excellence in Ranch Management. The topic changes each year, but is always based on current issues in the ranching industry and provides knowledge that enables attendees to think more critically about the issues at hand.

This year’s symposium topic, in celebration of KRIRM’s 10-year anniversary, was "An Industry in Transition: Dealing with Change", which highlighted issues affecting the future of the ranching industry. Experts from across the nation discussed factors such as climate, beef prices, and managing risk. Sessions also addressed drought recovery and ranch expansion through purchasing and leasing.

The individuals who completed the certificate requirements were recognized at the symposium prime rib dinner on October 24. The 2013 certificate recipients were: Dr. Joseph Bahe, Tuscon, Ariz.; Paul Bennet, Wharton, Texas; Justin Cantú, Kingsville, Texas; Jeri Donnell, Ardmore, Okla.; Mick Glaze, Hays, Kan.; Jonathan Graber, Yoakum, Texas; Nathan Hubert, New Branufels, Texas; Brett Huegele, Victoria, Texas; Dr. Mickey Keim, Omaha, Neb.; Dr. Alfonso "Poncho" Ortega, Kingsville, Texas; Fernando Peña, Roma, Texas; Cody Wood, Midland, Texas; and Kit Wood, Midland, Texas.

The King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management, celebrating its 10-year anniversary in 2013, is a master’s program at TAMUK that was formed in 2003 in honor of the 150th Anniversary of the legendary King Ranch. The program teaches graduate students using a multi-disciplinary, systems approach to ranch management, and provides the highest quality
lectureships and symposia to stakeholders in the ranching industry. The programs serves the ranching industry by empowering graduate students and outreach attendees with skills that will enable them to strategically manage complex ranching operations and successfully lead our industry. For more information about KRIRM, and the master’s and certificate programs, visit krirm.tamuk.edu.


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