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First snow
Selk: A Long, Difficult Calf Delivery Can Have Hidden Costs

Most of the causes that delay the return to cycling activity are centered around nutrition. However, one of the lesser-known causes of a delay to cycling activity is a prolonged, difficult process of calving.

2 weeks ago
Colostrum provides passive immunity
Selk: Passive Immunity And Long-term Health Of Calves

The most likely candidates for “inadequate” passive immunity are calves born to first calf two-year-old heifers. Calves with inadequate passive immunity remain at higher risk to illness prior to weaning.

2 weeks ago
Matching Inventory to Available Resources

To expect large, heavy-milking cows to be in moderate body condition at calving and maintain condition through breeding, they must receive more feed than smaller lighter-milking cows. 

4 weeks ago
Calving kit
Glenn Selk: Prepare A Calving Kit Before Calving Season

Before the hustle and bustle of the spring calving season, now is a good time to put together the supplies and equipment that will be needed to assist heifers and cows that need help at calving time.

1 month ago
Glenn Selk: Just How Do Santa's Reindeer Get the Job Done?

Have you ever wondered how Santa's reindeer can make that monumental journey on Christmas Eve? Here are some key facts that may help us understand how they get Ole St. Nick on his appointed rounds. 

1 month ago
Newborn calf
Most Passive Immunity Occurs in the First Six Hours

Resistance to disease is greatly dependent on antibodies or immunoglobulins. Passive immunity gives temporary protection by transfer of certain immune substances from resistant individuals.

1 month ago
Winter feeding
Glenn Selk: Plan Now For Spring Colostrum Needs

It is not too soon to begin to prepare for spring calving season.  Locating, obtaining, and storing several doses of colostrum or colostrum replacer will come in handy before the first heifers start to go into labor.

1 month ago
Cow Calf
Glenn Selk: Prepare Now For Calving Season

Someone once said “Success occurs when Opportunity meets with Preparation.”  Planning and preparing ahead for next spring’s calving season can help increase your chances of success.

1 month ago