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Drought grazing
Drought Increases Risk of Forage Poisoning

Drought increases the chance of nitrate poisoning and prussic acid poisoning. High concentrations in plants and water can harm or even kill animals.

4 months ago
Three generations of Pembertons, including Brian, father Richard and son Cade, run the grassland farm in the northwest corner of Monroe County.
Rotational Grazing Benefits Cattle Herd

In Monroe County, Mo., the Pembertons see several benefits of rotational grazing, such as pasture rest, regrowth and soil conservation. They perform biannual soil testing and add lime to their pastures as needed.

1 year ago
Why The Right Watering System Matters

Cattle come to water two to five times daily and they will drink one to four minutes each time at a rate of 2 gallons per minute. Here's more reasons to have easy water access for cows.

1 year ago
Missouri Farmers and Ranchers Warming up to Warm-Season Grasses

Cattle grazing on lush green pastures tell the tale of why southwestern Missouri producers are warming up to warm-season grasses.

1 year ago