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Crowd Cow offers meat from many farms online.
Online Meat and Data Companies Partner to Understand Future Customers

Crowd Cow, the online meat company, is partnering with Midan Marketing to study consumers’ behaviors when purchasing meat.

Only two fast-food chains received A ranking, with two thirds of scored chains receiving F’s.
Fast-Food Antibiotic Scorecard Released by Consumer Groups

Consumer groups give many U.S. restaurant chains failing grades for their policies regarding antibiotics used in their beef supply for burgers and other beef dishes.

Idahoan Livestock Killed by Wolves, Sparking Controversy

Hundreds of wolves roam Idaho after being introduced in the 1990s. Concerns over livestock losses spark the question is what to do next.

Haters and Trolls Beware: Farmer Social Media is Here to Stay

An online challenge for college students provides social media mentorship sets an example for the agriculture industry.

“The Gut Is the Largest Immune Organ in the Body”

As consumers demand reduced antibiotic use in livestock production, researchers say the answer lies in animal nutrition.

These Are the Challenges Facing U.S. Meat Exports, Economist Says

From Australian production to Japanese tariffs, maximizing U.S. meat exports relies on your awareness of market challenges.

Millennials Interested in Unique Beef Cuts

Cattlemen interested in gaining more value per pound will do well to follow millennials’ lead.

The new frontier in nutrition research is the rumen microbe population.
Pay Attention to How Often Cattle Eat for Rumen Health

The new frontier in nutrition research is the rumen microbe population, and new management practices have been shown to improve rumen health.