Everything You Wanted to Know About Fake Meat (But Were Afraid to Ask)

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Plant-based protein is creating quite the buzz.  If you’re wondering, “Why all the hype?” these podcasts may get you up-to-speed for your next conversation on “meatless meat.”

Farming the Countryside

Is "meatless meat" here to stay? From market share to taste and the environment, Drovers magazine editor Greg Henderson considers all sides with Andrew McCrea, host of Farming the Countryside. Their conclusion: while meatless meat will stick around, it will never completely replace beef. If it stays, clarity is needed on its name and types.

The Stuff We Don’t Talk About On Air

 “Meatless meat” is part of a larger trend to reduce meat consumption, and society seems to be choosing sides. While Tyson sold its share in plant-based company Beyond Meat, New York mayor Bill DeBlasio plans to reduce meat served in public institutions by 25%. Drovers magazine editor Greg Henderson joins AgriTalk hosts Chip Flory and Davis Michaelsen to consider if “meatless meat” is as environmentally friendly as claimed.


Diet fads are as abundant as they are short-lived, and “meatless meat” is the most recent contender. In a lively discussion, “meatless meat” is compared to margarine, gluten-free products and plant-based beverages by Joe Schuele of U.S. Meat Export Federation, farmers Dave Nichols and Ron Suppes, and AgriTalk hosts Chip Flory and Davis Michaelsen. Their conclusion: consumers looking for quality will stick with beef.

The Stuff We Don’t Talk About On Air

The oxpecker bird as an analogy to controversies in agriculture? MILK magazine editor Mike Opperman discusses vegan cheese, Bud Light, and the Green New Deal with AgriTalk hosts Chip Flory and Davis Michaelsen. No one wins when agriculturists disparage one another or consumers. “It’s easier to call someone an idiot than to find out if they actually are,” says Opperman.

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