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How Imports Add Value To American Beef

Jul 02, 2020 by Greg Henderson
Understanding U.S. beef import strategy requires an understanding of the U.S. hamburger market. Without imported lean trimmings, for instance, U.S. cow slaughter would need to double to meet demand.

Preconditioning Evolves

Jun 26, 2020 by Greg Henderson
Demand for calves with documented health records and backgrounded for 45 to 90 days has become so strong that auction premiums are receding while steep discounts may apply.

Fed Cattle Trade Active, But Lower

Jun 19, 2020 by Greg Henderson
Negotiated fed cattle trades volumes were higher with the 5-area near 95,000 head. Despite the active cash trade, fed cattle prices traded $5 to $6 lower at $98 to $105, with the bulk of trades at $100 to $102.

Insect Apocalypse

Jun 18, 2020 by Greg Henderson
Insects responsible for pollinating human food crops are declining due to modern farming, activists say. Such claims are wrong, says the Genetic Literacy Project, and any insect declines are likely due to urbanization.