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Idaho Rancher Retires Grazing Permits

Jul 09, 2020 by Greg Henderson
An Idaho sheep ranching company announced it will permanently retire grazing on 88,000 acres of public land in the Sawtooth and Salmon-Challis national forests, a decision not universally popular with other ranchers.

More Prime Beef, Softer Demand

Jul 09, 2020 by Greg Henderson
One impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the beef industry has been an increase in the number of carcasses grading Prime, but the shuttering of high-end restaurants that sell Prime beef, however, softened demand.

How Imports Add Value To American Beef

Jul 02, 2020 by Greg Henderson
Understanding U.S. beef import strategy requires an understanding of the U.S. hamburger market. Without imported lean trimmings, for instance, U.S. cow slaughter would need to double to meet demand.