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Dan Murphy: Statement Shoes

If more proof were needed that veganism is primarily a feel-better guilt eraser for a small slice of affluent folks in the U.S. and Europe, that evidence has arrived. And just in time for the holidays!

1 year ago
Dan Murphy: A Better Climate Calculus

Sure, you can believe that wolfing down an Impossible Burger is the ticket to saving the world from climate disaster. Or, you could recognize there are far better ways to achieve that goal.

1 year ago
An M.D. says eat meat.
Dan Murphy: Doctor’s Orders - Eat Meat!

A recent study that didn’t condemn red meat drew outrage from numerous self-proclaimed health authorities. But a prominent M.D. has now weighed in with the opposite opinion.

1 year ago
Dan Murphy: Defeating Depression

Clinical depression is a worldwide scourge, and while some mental health authorities point to modern lifestyles as a key risk factor, a new study suggest a simple, yet effective treatment.

1 year ago
Veggie burgers
Dan Murphy: False and Deceptive Positioning

Modern marketing is all about connecting product attributes with consumers’ fundamental values. But with the positioning of the alt-meat category, that approach is seriously misguided.

1 year ago