Wendy’s Drops Beef Mixtape, Starts a 'Rap Beef' with Other Chains

Wendy’s has beef with other fast-food restaurants’ beef so they just dropped a rap album about it. ( Wendy's )

Fast-food chain Wendy’s has never been afraid to tout their “fresh, never frozen beef,” but now they’ve taken it to a whole new level with a rap album all about burgers.

On March 23, Wendy’s debuted a new mixtape with five songs all available for free on music streaming service Spotify. Nearly all of the songs talk about how no fast food restaurant wants to “beef” with Wendy’s on Twitter and the superiority of their food. Burger King and McDonald’s are both called out in several of the tracks.

The five tracks include:

  • Twitter Fingers, a rap about Wendy’s Twitter prowess compared to its competitor.
  • Holding It Down, a song that talks smack on Burger King about how you “Can’t Always Have it Your Way” a diss on burger chains “Have it Your Way” slogan.  
  • Rest in Grease, lines like “Why your ice cream machine always broke?”, “McDonald’s beef so lazy” and “Y’all too chicken for this beef” are all jabs taken at the company made famous for its golden arches.
  • Clowin, another swing is taken at the world’s largest burger franchise McDonald’s in this track.
  • 4 for $4, the song touts the popular 4 for $4 menu option at Wendy’s that includes a burger, fries, chicken nuggets and a drink for $4.

While the tracks may not make it on the pop charts it is clear that Wendy’s is continuing to step up their marketing game by engaging with consumers in new, innovative ways during the digital age. However, the track "Rest in Grease" did reach #1 on Spotify's Global Viral 50 so maybe there is a future in the fast food rap game. 

Here is a sampling of the tweets Wendy’s dropped after their album release: