Air National Guard Dropping Hay to Stranded Livestock

Hay Drop and Scope 032219

While some farmers are hauling feed in boats, other livestock producers are relying on help from above as they wait on disaster assistance from state and federal agencies.

State leaders and teams of agriculture orgs are gathering to assess the damage following some of the worst flooding in Nebraska's history.

Volunteers with the Nebraska Air National Guard are picking up and dropping hay to cattle in places currently unreachable on the ground.

While the feed is being delivered, the Nebraska Cattlemen and other leaders are working to compile damage totals knowing it may be weeks before the true scope of the disaster is revealed.

The President approved Nebraska's request for federal disaster aid on Thursday.

"We're with you and the American people are going to stand with people across Nebraska, across Iowa, across all of the eight states that have been impacted by the severe weather and the flooding," said Vice President Mike Pence while touring the flood in Nebraska.

In the meantime, boots on the ground also include help from the air.


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