5 Gifts Your Cattle Farmer Will Love

When you work 24/7 these gifts can make our day all year long.
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Is it a Christmas gift, or a business expense? Sometimes what’s really on your farmer’s wish list can qualify for both. But whether it's work gloves, warm socks or tools—when you work 24/7 these farmer gifts can make our day all year long. So here's five gifts any cattle farmer or rancher would like to see under the tree:

bale unroller

1. Hydraulic Hay Bale Unroller,  via Northern Hydraulics.

This hay bale unroller will make quick work of feeding each day. Fits 4’, 5’ and 6’ bales with a Category 1 or 2 tractor. Has a 2,500 lb. lift capacity. While this model has a three-point hitch for tractors, other retailers have tractor and pickup attachments.


 2. Muck boots, via Tractor Supply

It’s a necessity but everyone wants warm, dry feet during the winter—make sure your farmer has a good pair of insulated rubber boots! There’s many varieties and retailers, so grab them if they are on sale! A necessity for the whole family.


3.  A 16-Gal. Heated Bucket, via Jeffers

At 16 gal., this might be the largest heated bucket on the market, and perfect for small groups of calves or the calving barn. Save your cowboy time back and forth to the water station and ensure your livestock stay hydrated all winter.


4. Vaccine Cooler, via Big Frig

The Cross Five Cattle Cooler has four color-coded vaccine gun holster tubes in the right side to make sure each animal receives the proper dose, and vaccines remain at the correct temperature and out of the sun. With the right amount of ice or heat, the cooler will hold the temperature for a few days.


5. Cattle Christmas Ornament, Design House Creatives

Cattlemen of all ages will like these show steer ornaments. Customize the design with a name, and you’ll have a gift to remember each year! Other designs are available as well.

dog coat

And don’t forget your farm or ranch dog! The Carhartt Dog Chore Coat is a new option for those extra cold days.


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