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Chute-Side Cost Savings

A strong vaccination program can have a sizable impact on a herd, both in dollars spent and on the herd’s health.

Benefits of Cereals for Pastures

Winter cereal crops such as wheat, rye and triticale produce high-quality forage during the time period that Bermudagrass is dormant. Fall-established cereals can be used to lengthen the grazing season of the pasture.

Keep an Eye on Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Cases

VSV does not normally kill affected animals, but it can cause economic losses for producers by preventing animal movement and impacting international trade. It has recently been found in several counties in Kansas.

Large Round Bales Lose Value During Storage

There's been a lot of data gathered about the economics of large round bale storage. It all comes down to the value of the hay loss in storage. Ideally, the value of the lost hay would be recovered in material costs.

Take Care Now for Anaplasmosis

Fly and tick season is here, which means it is time for producers to watch their herds for signs of anaplasmosis. This disease can be devastating to herds if not treated properly or in a timely manner.

Now is the Time to Make Plans for Spring Pasture Management

Producers are thinking about pasture management year round, but spring is like a fresh start when something can actually be done for pest control and grazing management.

Avoid a Winter Hangover This Breeding Season

Monitoring breeding activity and use of timely pregnancy detection are risk management tools that should be used routinely, but are especially important given the recent weather challenges.