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Weather Affecting Most Every Aspect of U.S. Cattle Market

Weather in the United States has been making a complicated 2011 cattle market even cloudier, ultimately affecting everyone from producers to consumers.

Can You Survive Drought?

The Southwest is suffering from a severe lack of moisture, with a realistic and detailed plan in action, your farm can survive even the worst droughts.

Wildfires Leave More than Ashes Behind

Cattle producers in drought and wildfire areas already have to face some tough decisions.

Wildfires Continue to Burn Over a Million Acres in Texas

Wildfires continue to rage in Texas as extremely dry and windy conditions have turned the entire state into a giant tinder box.

Wildfires Burn Across Texas and Oklahoma

Wildfires consume thousands of acres of rangeland threatening livestock, homes and firefighters.

Forecasts of sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies for the Ni?o 3.4 region (5?N-5?S, 120?W-170?W).  Figure courtesy of the International Research Institute (IRI) for Climate and Society.  Figure updated 14 December 2010.
La Nina Stays Strong

While the weather phenomena remains a factor, the Climate Prediction Center isn’t ready to declare drought for 2011.