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Can You Survive Drought?

The Southwest is suffering from a severe lack of moisture, with a realistic and detailed plan in action, your farm can survive even the worst droughts.

9 years ago
Wildfires Leave More than Ashes Behind

Cattle producers in drought and wildfire areas already have to face some tough decisions.

9 years ago
Wildfires Continue to Burn Over a Million Acres in Texas

Wildfires continue to rage in Texas as extremely dry and windy conditions have turned the entire state into a giant tinder box.

9 years ago
Wildfires Burn Across Texas and Oklahoma

Wildfires consume thousands of acres of rangeland threatening livestock, homes and firefighters.

9 years ago
Forecasts of sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies for the Ni?o 3.4 region (5?N-5?S, 120?W-170?W).  Figure courtesy of the International Research Institute (IRI) for Climate and Society.  Figure updated 14 December 2010.
La Nina Stays Strong

While the weather phenomena remains a factor, the Climate Prediction Center isn’t ready to declare drought for 2011.

10 years ago