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Dan Murphy: When Good News is a Downer

Jun 22, 2018 by Dan Murphy
Shouldn’t the industry be happy about a study suggesting red meat is a (potential) health food? Not when the context sounds like the disclaimers marketers use to justify eating junk food.

Accepting the Challenge: Part II

Jun 13, 2018 by Dan Murphy
To address the priorities our nation now faces — and they are legion — there appears to be only one way to funnel the money needed to effectively invest in the solutions we need.

Dan Murphy: Accepting the Challenge

Jun 12, 2018 by Dan Murphy
There shouldn’t be any debate over whether agriculture, business and education need to collaborate to address the nation’s 21st century challenges. The stakes are far too critical.

Dan Murphy: The Glass House Canard

Jun 08, 2018 by Dan Murphy
‘If slaughterhouses had glass walls, we’d all be vegetarians.’ If we only knew what goes on in processing meat, it’d turn our stomachs (allegedly). Here’s how to turn that mantra on its head.

Dan Murphy: A Bear of a Scandal

Jun 04, 2018 by Dan Murphy
Count on PETA to erupt over the ‘horror’ of a circus bear that was brought onto a soccer field, while ignoring the monumental abuses endemic in the country where the incident happened.

Dan Murphy: The Farm Bill Failure

Jun 01, 2018 by Dan Murphy
Passage of a new farm bill fell short in the House — not from opposition to farm supports, but due to congressional dysfunction, compounded by the too-heavy structure of agriculture itself.