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Dan Murphy: Avoiding the Obvious

Aug 31, 2018 by Dan Murphy
Whether you agree or disagree with the administration’s tariff wars with U.S. export partners, ag trade groups should follow best practices in convincing allies of their position. Here’s how not to do it.

Dan Murphy: Veggies at Risk

Aug 30, 2018 by Dan Murphy
Most vegetarians are totally convinced that they’re healthier than the rest of us, thanks to a plants-only diet. But a new study provides a sobering insight into why that might be all wrong.

Dan Murphy: This? This is Our Future?

Aug 29, 2018 by Dan Murphy
A rite of passage for millions of teenagers, past and present, is their first paying job handling baskets of french fries or stocking shelves at some store in the mall. But is that all going away?

Dan Murphy: Labeling Lunacy

Aug 28, 2018 by Dan Murphy
Activists from Great Britain come up with yet another idea about demonizing animal agriculture — and as always, it’s couched in the mantra of ‘consumers need to know.’

Dan Murphy: The Meat Machine

Aug 23, 2018 by Dan Murphy
No, not the boisterous brother in-law who wolfs down four or five hot dogs at a backyard barbecue. We’re talking a vending machine — that delivers not junk, but real meat snacks.

Dan Murphy: A Scam Within a Scam

Aug 21, 2018 by Dan Murphy
Of all the bizarre stories involving shady sales and production practices in the meat business, this particular tale might qualify for a place near the top of the list.

Dan Murphy: Alt-Meat’s Catch 22

Aug 20, 2018 by Dan Murphy
The alt-meat makers are awash in investment capital and media coverage. But as they ramp up production, they might not realize economies of scale, due to a potential scarcity of ingredients.