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Tiff With China Continues, How Are Other Trade Deals Moving Along?

However, has there been any progress on other trade deals? With the markets swinging up and down during Monday's trading session, what is happening? AgDay and U.S. Farm Report reporter Betsy Jibben has the story.

Nebraska Producer: Rebuilding Fence Still A Struggle After Flood

AgDay national reporter heads to North Bend, Nebraska. She talks with Greg Beebe, a livestock producer from the area.

John Phipps  says the outcome of Brazil's presidential election could change the supply curve for several commodities, but especially beef and soybeans.
Brazil's Election Outcome Could Change Supply Curve for Beef, Soybeans

President-elect Jair Bolsonaro, the winner of the runoff, promises to drastically roll back environmental regulations for agriculture, including speeding up deforestation, converting forests into range and cropland.

The Road to Recovery in South Dakota

Western South Dakota ranchers are reeling from the loss of their cattle from a blizzard named Atlas. In response, a group of ranchers created “Heifers for S. Dakota” to coor­dinate monetary and live animal donations.

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Cattle Producers Anticipate Price Peak

Cattle producers anticipate 10-year cycle high, but the odds hinge on Mother Nature’s cooperation.

CropTech: Take Stock of Stalks

Take Stock of Stalks; Scout Like a Master; Fungicide Timing Matters; Refuge Reminder; It's Not in One Bag Yet