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Fly Control/Pinkeye Prevention Needs to be Continuous

Don't forget to keep flies away from your cattle to prevent the spread of pinkeye.

face flies
Preparing for Fly Season

Keep flies away from your cattle to help increase herd profitability.

Reducing Fly Numbers on Pastured Cattle

As late spring approaches, livestock producers should evaluate and select pasture fly control options available for their specific management system.

Deworming: When is it Profitable to Deworm?

Knowing when to deworm your cattle can be quite profitable.

Watch Dewormer Dosage

Ensure product efficacy by dosing and storing injectable dewormers correctly.

Cattle Healthline: It’s Time to Get Out Your Flyswatter

Fly control is one of the summer chores we all dread. It is frustrating, time-consuming and dips into our profits. When dealing with flies on cattle, there are essentially two species involved: horn flies located on the backs of cattle and face flies.

Prevent Parasite Resistance

Develop a strategic deworming strategy now to reduce potential problems in the future