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Dealing with the Big 4 Parasites in Cattle

Worms, flies, ticks and lice are all costly to beef producers.

<p>Deworming cattle</p>
Treating Internal Parasites in Cattle Herds Protects Producer Profits

Taking care of internal parasites is an annual or biannual proactive measure producers follow to protect their cattle herds and ultimately their operations’ bottom line.

Considering Feed-through Fly Control This Year?

Feed-through fly control has without doubt become one of the most popular types of feed additives utilized in pasture-based beef production systems.

<p>Mike John MFA injectable parasite control</p>
Refine Your Deworming Program

In his cow herd, Missouri rancher Mike John uses a long-acting injectable and pasture rotation to keep parasites under control.

<p>Of the four tick&nbsp;species known to&nbsp;carry anaplasmosis, the American Dog Tick is the most widely prevalent.&nbsp;</p>
Control External Parasites, Prevent Disease

Producers should focus more on parasite control and less on medicated feeds for dealing with diseases. 

Weather, management and worm species play into deworming recommendations
Solving the Parasite Puzzle

Weather, management and worm species play into deworming recommendations

<p>FDA Parasite Video</p>
FDA Video Outlines Drug-resistance in Parasites

A new video from the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) provides a basic explanation of drug resistance in livestock and management practices for retaining efficacy of products used on a farm.

Late Season Fly Control

Horn flies are blood feeding flies that impact production on cattle operations.