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New Program Assesses Tyson Foods’ COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Efforts

Tyson Foods, Inc., is piloting a new Matrix Medical Network program that assesses, addresses, verifies and monitors the effectiveness of Tyson’s efforts to protect its workforce from COVID-19. 

Meatpacking Industry Responds to U.S. Congress Investigation

A U.S. Congress panel is investigating COVID-19 outbreaks at meatpacking plants nationwide. Here's how some of the packing plants responded.

U.S. Congress Panel Investigating COVID-19 Worker Safety at Meatpacking Firms

A U.S. congressional panel is investigating three large meatpacking companies for possible worker-safety violations following reports that hundreds of industry workers have died of COVID-19.

Credit: REUTERS/Mike Segar
Vilsack Weighs In On Parallel Between COVID-19 and Animal Disease Outbreaks

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught the country anything, it’s that there is a tremendous amount of synergy between the circumstances of a pandemic involving humans and those involving animals. 

Nebraska Rancher Uses Herd to Honor Frontline Workers

David Schuler’s Christmastime tradition turned into a tribute to those working on as first responders through the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Case Rates in Packing Plants Decline as General Population Rate Soars

Efforts to protect the men and women working to keep Americans’ refrigerators full are working, says Meat Institute president and CEO Julie Anna Potts.

CDC Prioritizes Frontline Meat Workers for COVID-19 Vaccination

The Centers for Disease Control agrees that frontline meat and poultry workers should be some of the first vaccinated after health care workers and those in long-term care facilities.

Tyson Fires Seven Managers After Probe Into COVID-19 Wagering at Pork Plant

Tyson Foods Inc said on Wednesday it had fired seven managers at an Iowa pork plant after investigating allegations that they took bets on how many employees would catch COVID-19.