Do Your Heifers Make the Grade?

Learn how heifers that make the grade are one step closer to being on track to successfully enter the cow herd.

Simple Math Sets Calves Up for Success

Call it simple math. It’s what you get when you add fetal protection vaccines to a proper nutrition program. Find out how this formula can help set your calves up for success long before they hit the ground.

Kansas Beef Council Releases Virtual Chuteside Cattle Demo

This video showcases the key principles of BQA and applies them in a relatable real-world setting.

Angus VNR: Breeding for the Brand

Kara Lee, production brand manager for Certified Angus Beef, talks about Targeting the Brand™ program updates, ideas and strategies for Angus producers.

Rising to the Challenge of Ideal

At the recent 2019 Feeding Quality Forum in Amarillo, Certified Angus Beef ® (CAB®) brand president John Stika spoke to the changes in “ideal” since 1991. 

USDA Focus: Beefing Up Our Cattle

Ranchers may want to consider shortening their traditional grazing season.

Proper Injection Sites to Remember at Calf-Working Time

Correct administration of any injection is a critical control point in beef production and animal health. 

John Maday, Editor, Bovine Veterinarian
PGF Injection Site Could Enhance BQA

Through the history of the beef quality assurance (BQA) initiative, we’ve known the effort would never be “finished,” but instead would require continuous improvement and discovery of new methods or practices.