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Legislation To Protect Calves And Lambs From Vultures

The ACE Act will protect livestock from predation, compensate livestock producers who experience depredation by federally protected species, and fund methods to reduce conflicts between humans and predators.

Volatile Cattle Markets Call For More Diligent Disease Management

Volatile cattle prices and decreased margins make managing bovine respiratory disease imperative to protecting the profitability of stocker operations.

Feedlot cattle
Cattle Antimicrobial Resistance Research

A Texas Tech researcher has received funding from both USDA and NCBA for a project to evaluate the distribution of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) genes and the occurrence of horizontal gene transfer in high-risk cattle.

‘Smart-Farming’ Models Sustainable, Intensive Protein Production

In an effort to ensure the animal protein supply is sustainable, a Texas A&M researcher uses mathematical modeling to connect the dots between production efficiency in livestock and minimizing environmental impacts.

Walmart sets goal for zero emissions by 2040

Walmart plans to achieve zero emissions and engage in a massive conservation effort in the next two decades on its journey to becoming a regenerative company.

BRD accounts for about half of all feedyard deaths
BRD Biosensor Research

Expediting quick and accurate diagnoses while aiding in choosing the correct antibiotic the first time can save calves’ lives and reduce unnecessary antibiotic usage.

The concept of herd immunity is a companion concept to individual immunity.
Herd Immunity An Important Concept For Humans, Animals

The goal of herd immunity is the reduction of infection or disease in a population’s susceptible segment.

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One Million Acre Sustainable Grazing Initiative Launched

At Walmart’s Sustainability Milestone Summit, World Wildlife Fund, the Walmart Foundation, McDonald’s and Cargill announced they will join forces to make improvements to the grasslands of the Northern Great Plains.