Cattle Rustlers Busted in Oklahoma Sting Operation

Madeline Draughon and Austin Temple were arrested for allegedly attempting to sell stolen cattle in Oklahoma. ( McClain County Sheriff's Office )

A sting operation in Oklahoma has resulted in the arrest of two cattle thieves.

An investigation led by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture resulted in the arrest of Madeline Draughon and Austin Temple who allegedly attempted to sell stolen cattle.

On Aug. 3, the pair brought in seven head of cattle to the Purcell Livestock Auction in Oklahoma.

Running the auction barn for four decades, C.T. Stallings thought something was strange. After inspecting the brands closer he realized they were owned by his friend Glenn Floyd because the bore his FC brand for Floyd Cattle.

After the cattle were positively identified by Floyd a call was then made to Jerry Flowers, chief agent of investigative services at the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture.

Flowers sat behind the seat at the sale barn desk the next day when the sale was hosted waiting for Draughon to come and collect a check for $7,500.

“That was totally a set up undercover operation that we did, a sting basically. And it worked,” Flowers says.

Draughon and Temple were arrested by Flowers after accepting the check and confessing to stealing the cattle. They are in custody at the McClain County Detention Center.

Submitted by Ray Pierce on Thu, 08/16/2018 - 12:32

A 125 years ago there would not have been an arrest, just a hanging.

Submitted by Erin Evans on Fri, 08/17/2018 - 21:02

That's great. I had a dozen pairs stolen off my NM permit a couple of years ago, never identified by any of my brand inspectors in the region. I'm sure they were in Mexico within 12 hours of being loaded out. Hats off to those sale barn folks.