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Winter in the feedlot
Fed Cattle Steady, Feeders Mixed in First Week Of New Year

Packers were back to buying cattle for a full slaughter week, but their interest only seemed moderate to most feeders. Prices were mostly steady on moderate demand.

2 weeks ago
EPA Administrator Nominee Regan Hosts Roundtable with Ag Leaders

EPA Administrator-designate Michael Regan hosted a virtual roundtable with members of the Ag CEO Council and staff, composed of leaders of some of the largest agriculture and farm organizations in the U.S.

2 weeks ago
Beef Exports Spike, Pork Sets Record

November U.S. beef exports jumped 6% higher, the largest since July 2019. Meanwhile, U.S. pork exports January-November set new annual records for both volume and value.

2 weeks ago
How is the Pandemic Affecting Agriculture’s Workforce?

Confidence about the future of the workplace has declined less than one might expect, says a report from ADP Research Institute. Positivity persists despite the pandemic. But how is COVID-19 affecting the ag workforce?

2 weeks ago
Proper Vaccine Administration Can Boost Consumer Confidence

Beef producers should look for ways to inspire consumer confidence in beef products, and that includes management strategies such as proper vaccine administration.

2 weeks ago
Kansas Profile – Now That’s Rural: Lettie McKinney, MC- Meat Company

Lettie McKinney is a fourth-generation rancher in southwest Kansas. She launched the MC- Meat Company as a way to market beef directly to consumers and is now shipping product across the nation.

2 weeks ago
Western States Unite to Keep Feral Pigs from Crossing U.S.-Canada Border

Invasive species councils in Montana and Washington are serious about preventing Canadian feral pigs from crossing into the western United States. 

2 weeks ago
The Decade Ahead: Societal Trends Will Leave Their Mark On Agriculture

The past decade has been weird and wacky to say the least. It makes you wonder what’s in store for the next 10 years. Here are some possible hints.

2 weeks ago