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14 Cattle Dead After Vehicle Crashes on Rural Michigan Road

More than a dozen cattle that escaped overnight from their pens have been struck by vehicles after wandering into a rural road in Clinton County's Dallas Township.

4 years ago
Market Highlights: International Beef Trade Matters

It is not only the domestic market that is important, but the international market is a big player.

4 years ago
Cooking a "real" meal

Consumers want to quickly cook a "real" meal with the same speed, ease and results as convenience foods.

4 years ago
Century farmstead in Dane County, Wisconsin
Grain Markets Seen Trending Upward

Skepticism over record-breaking crop production estimates explains why the market shrugged off the “hugely bearish” USDA Aug. 12 report, according to Jack Scoville of the Price Futures Group.  

4 years ago
Eastern redcedar invasion threatens funding for Nebraska's public schools

A reduction in livestock profitability as a result of Eastern redcedar (Juniperus virginiana) invasion poses a major threat to the funding of Nebraska's public education system.

4 years ago
Nebraskan Accused in Cattle Theft Case gets 2-year Sentence

A 53-year-old Lincoln, Neb. man accused of trying to sell stolen cattle has been given two years in prison.

4 years ago
Bermudagrass Stem Maggots plague Southeast hay producers

Bermudagrass Stem Maggots continue to be a cause of consternation to producers of high quality hay in the Panhandle in 2016. Research in Georgia indicates that, since their first discovery in that state in 2010, stem ma

4 years ago
Event to showcase return of U.S. pork and beef to South Africa

South Africa recently reopened its market to U.S. beef and lifted some restrictions on U.S. pork.

4 years ago