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Tips for trich testing

Nov 07, 2011 by Drovers
Tritrichomonas foetus testing volume increases in the fall as producers are getting bulls ready for the breeding season.

NFU: GIPSA rule still missing critical elements

Nov 04, 2011 by Drovers
National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson issued the following statement after USDA officials sent portions of the June 22, 2010, proposed GIPSA rule to the Office of Management and Budget for final review before i

American Royal Hereford champions named

Nov 03, 2011 by Drovers
H WCC/WB 668 Wyarno 9500 ET and KLD 3060 Penny Lane D105 ET won the grand champion bull and female titles at the 2011 American Royal National Hereford Show Oct. 30 in Kansas City.

Hungry cattle turn to acorns, face poisoning

Nov 03, 2011 by Drovers
A lack of good forage has cattle searching for alternative food sources, including acorns, which can be deadly, said Shane Gadberry, associate professor-ruminant nutrition for the University of Arkansas Division of Agri

Feed cost largest expense in custom calving

Nov 02, 2011 by Drovers
Drought is having a large impact on livestock producers because of the shortage of feed and forages. Cow/calf producers may be considering trying to find someone else that has ample feed resources to overwinter and calv

A look at natural gas price trends

Nov 02, 2011 by Drovers
Previous to early 2009 crude oil and natural gas prices tended to move in tandem, but then prices for the two markets clearly decoupled. What explains this dramatic break in the relationship between crude oil and natur

Calculate break-even corn after corn yields

Nov 01, 2011 by Drovers
Many Illinois farmers have been disappointed with 2011 corn-after-corn yields, reporting significantly lower corn-after-corn yields compared to corn-after-soybean yields. So as to provide guidance for 2012 planting deci

Beef booster, Zilmax

Nov 01, 2011 by Drovers
Mitch Johnson, Merck Animal Health's marketing manager for Zilmax, outlines where the feed additive fits and how it benefits cattle feeders, packers and consumers.

Dividing farm estates with the goal of equality

Oct 31, 2011 by Drovers
Once upon a time there was a farmer who left his operation equally to his two adult children, a son and a daughter. After college the daughter raised a family a great distance from the farm, but retained interest in it

Beef market trends: It’s time to pay attention

Oct 28, 2011 by Drovers
Boxed beef climbed 15% in value to start the year, but with the passing of summer into fall value trends began a dramatic differentiation. "At these prices, buyers wanted better quality," said Larry Corah, vice presiden

Cattle weights and the Choice-Select spread

Oct 28, 2011 by Drovers
This week the 5-area fed steer carcass weights exceeded 900 pounds. I believe that is a record. Weights have been running above year ago levels for most of 2011. This probably is partially a result of negative feedin