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Carbon footprint calculator

Sep 15, 2011 by Drovers
Environmental concern and awareness has encouraged all industries, including the livestock sector of food production, to assess their contributions to the greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted into the atmosphere.

Profit Tips: Cow-calf - Capitalize on calf implants

Sep 09, 2011 by Drovers
In all of cattle management there are few things as easy to administer, consistent in response or as well documented as the use of growth-promotant implants, says Virginia Cooperative Extension veterinarian Dee Whittier

Discounts for Standard-grading carcasses

Sep 08, 2011 by Drovers
Welcome to the Premium Market Snapshot a series of market commentaries focused squarely on trends in quality grading and in the production and sales of high-quality beef. This snapshot explores the grid discounts asso

Florida monitoring panthers killing livestock

Sep 08, 2011 by Drovers
The Fort Myers News-Press reports the South Florida panther population is growing and ranchers are concerned with protection their livestock has led to a project monitoring calf survival and panther predation.

BRD "shipping fever" in cattle

Sep 07, 2011 by Drovers
BRD, also called "shipping fever", causes major economic losses to the producer, 7% of production costs, by reducing average daily gain, feed efficiency, and overall performance of beef calves.