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BeefTalk: Is a cow ever too ornery?

Dec 05, 2013 by Drovers
Having worked cattle for years and too many sheep to count, one develops a feel for the rogue cow or calf. Maybe it is just a quick look or an intense stare.

Precision production on cattle operations

Dec 05, 2013 by Drovers
Precision agriculture is not a new concept. Row crop farms commonly use precision agriculture technologies to selectively apply inputs to areas of fields according to relevant measured variables.

Replacement heifer prices

Dec 03, 2013 by Drovers
There is currently considerable focus on growth of the U.S. and regional beef cow herd, with many producers and market analysts closely watching cull cow slaughter rates and bred female demand.

The value of the replacement heifer

Nov 27, 2013 by Drovers
Consider this your final reminder for the 2013 Ohio Cattlemen's Association Replacement Female Sale. It is coming up on this Friday, November 29, at 7:00 p.m.

Calif. drought worst since 2007

Nov 21, 2013 by Drovers
Despite pockets of precipitation this week, most of the areas hardest-hit by the drought are sinking further into drought as the drought pushes to the east.