Show-Me-Select Bred Heifer Sale is Nov. 16 at Joplin Stockyards


A nice set of Show-Me-Select Heifers.
A nice set of Show-Me-Select Heifers.
(University of Missouri Extension)

Does this scenario fit you? The dry summer forced you to sell cows. Then the rains of August and September sparked unbelievable growth of fescue and crabgrass, and now you need to buy a few replacements.

If that is the case, consider looking for those replacements at the Show-Me-Select bred heifer sale at starting at 7 p.m., Nov. 16 at the Joplin Regional Stockyards, Carthage.

The sale offering will consist of 330 heifers due to calve from late January to late April.

The heifers will come from 16 different producers who have worked with their veterinarians and Univesity of Missouri Extension livestock specialists since late winter and early spring.

The heifers have been reproductive tract scored, pelvic measured, ultrasound preg tested and been screened for any blemish such as pinkeye scars, frozen ears and mobility problems.

"Heifers are given a final screening the day before the sale and temperamental heifers will be sent home," said Eldon Cole, livestock field specialist with University of Missouri Extension.

All heifers come from fescue country and some have been on Bermuda. Fifty-seven percent are home-raised. Forty-three percent of the offering are red and red white-faced while the balance are black or black baldies.

Buyers are increasingly asking for heifers that have been DNA or genomic tested. This sale will have 124 heifers that have had their acceptable breed genomic evaluation done. This makes them eligible for the Show-Me-Plus designation.

Service sires have met strict requirements for calving ease direct (CED) expected progeny difference (EPD). Some heifers qualify for Tier Two ear tags. This is because their sire met certain accuracy minimums for calving ease direct, calving ease maternal, weaning weight, carcass weight and marbling.

All heifers have been vaccinated for Brucellosis and have been found negative for PI BVD. Heifers were examined safe in-calf within 30 days of the sale and are guaranteed bred at the sale. If a heifer is proven by a veterinarian within 30 days after the sale to be open or lost the pregnancy the consignor will replace the heifer or make a financial settlement with the buyer.

The Show-Me-Select program recently celebrated it's 20th anniversary. From the beginning the objectives include adding vlaue ot heifers through breeding and management. In addition, it provides smaller herds an opportunity to have a reliable source of replacement heifers if they choose not to raise their own.

Catalogs are now available from your Extension livestock specialist or go on-line to The sale may be accessed at with bidding arranged in advance.


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