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USDA Sends GIPSA Rule to OMB for Review

Pending review, provisions to be published in Federal Register in coming weeks

Congressional Concern Over GIPSA Rule

A letter, signed by 147 Congressional members. asks USDA about the time line on the economic Impact analysis and re-proposal of livestock marketing rule.

Congressmen Press Vilsack on Timeline for GIPSA Analysis

During a House Agriculture Committee hearing Friday, two committee members questioned Secretary Tom Vilsack about a timeline for completion of an economic analysis.

Out to Pasture: Too Fair for the Common Good

In W. Edwards Deming’s theories of management, there is a basic tenet that strikes me as immutable: You can’t inspect quality into a product; you must build quality in throughout the production process.

Eastern Livestock Fiasco

One of the largest cattle dealers in the country leaves farmers in 30 states empty-handed

Latest on Eastern Livestock Company Failure

On Friday, USDA-GIPSA charged Eastern with a number of violations.

Proposed GIPSA Rules Could Cost Chicken Industry $1 Billion

Study shows proposed new regulations from USDA will cost the broiler chicken industry more than $1 billion over five years.

Bond Information for Those Who Sold to Eastern Livestock

USDA-GIPSA provides steps to take for producers who have not received payment due from Eastern Livestock Commission.