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Traffic Jam Ahead: COVID-19 and Livestock Market Risks

Economic data has yet to catch up with what’s happening, but the crash in the equity market is a clear indicator that markets think we are heading for a major contraction in output, Len Steiner says.

10 months ago
Cupid Shuffle shown by Ryder Day
Cupid Shuffle Is A Milestone Champion

Cupid Shuffle became the first Hereford chosen as Grand Champion steer at the Fort Worth Stock Show since 1982, bringing back memories of Conoco, the first crossbred picked as champion in a major show 51 years ago.

10 months ago
“Black” is Not the Only Goal in Beef-on-dairy Breeding

Simply producing a black calf if not enough if the dairy industry wants to make permanent inroads into successful crossbreeding.

1 year ago
Wade Taylor, DVM (left), and Tom Noffsinger founded the PAC group.
Integrate Cattle Info

Production Animal Consultation (PAC) Veterinarians Aim to Fine-Tune Beef-Cattle Management from Birth to Slaughter.

1 year ago
Home at Bradshaw's Oklahoma ranch.
Terry Bradshaw Lists His Oklahoma Horse Ranch

Hall of Fame quarterback and FOX NFL Sunday analyst Terry Bradshaw has listed his 744-acre, Love County, Oklahoma, cattle and Quarter Horse ranch for sale.

1 year ago
During the PMI, the calves acclimate to their new environment, stress levels decline, feed intake increases and immune suppression drops off, in part due to immune response to existing pathogens.
How Metaphylaxis Controls Disease

Numerous controlled and blinded trials have shown that in high-risk calves arriving at feedlots or stocker operations, mass treatment with an antibiotic significantly reduces BRD sick pulls and mortality.

1 year ago
White clover actually scores out fairly well in terms of nitrogen credits.
How Do Clovers Add Nitrogen to Pastures?

One of the most important practices that any forage producer can incorporate into their program is adding legumes to grass pastures and hayfields. 

2 years ago