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Beef markets recovering
Derrell Peel: Beef Markets Move Past Disruptions

Barring a major setback, it appears that America's beef markets are moving past the worst of the COVID-19 disruptions that have caused upheaval in recent weeks.

Cattle prices steady
Fed Cattle Steady, Boxed Beef Steadily Declines

Cattle prices held firm as slaughter numbers increased and wholesale beef prices declined, though narrowing packer margins will place added pressure on markets in the weeks ahead.

Market-ready cattle backlogged may be less than previous estimates
Cattle Backlog May Not Be As Large As Feared

While any tally of cattle waiting on shackle space is – at best – an estimate, an analysis of Cattle on Feed and slaughter data suggests estimates of 1 million cattle backlogged may be overstated by as much as 50%.

Wesley and Joesley Batista
Batista Brothers Cleared To Return To JBS SA

A Brazilian Superior Court ruled Tuesday Joesley and Wesley Batista can return to positions of management at J&F Holding, the parent company of JBS SA, the world’s largest meat packer.

Brazil's JBS Being Sued by Labor Prosecutors Over COVID-19 Outbreak

Brazilian labor prosecutors are suing meatpacker JBS SA seeking damages and better work conditions after an outbreak of the novel coronavirus at a meat plant in Ipumirim, in the southern state of Santa Catarina.

U.S. beef imports total 11% of consumption.
USDA Data Projects Beef Imports At 11% of U.S. Consumption

Global beef trade is dynamic and trade levels rise and fall based on factors such as changes in currency valuation, areas of drought and global demand.

Friday's COF reports shows the impact of COVID-19
Derrell Peel: COVID-19 Provokes Turbulence In Feedlots

The feedlot industry will spend much of the summer working through the backlog of fed cattle but the hole from March and April feedlot placements should provide a marketing window to catch up by this fall if not before.

Feedlot marketing proposals
Steve Cornett: A Phantom Itch

"A lot of folks think we should mandate with a law—a federal LAW, mind you, because those always work out so well—that more feeders sell in the cash market. But tying feeders’ hands like this isn’t the answer."