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Fed cattle traded in a wide range
Cash Fed Cattle Steady To Higher In Wide Range

Early week fed cattle sales were steady at $95 to $100 per cwt., and $150 dressed. Friday, however, saw one major jump in and buy a few thousand cattle at $105, $5 higher than last week.

Losses to the cow-calf sector are estimated at $3.7 billion due to the coronavirus
Derrell Peel: USDA Offers Help For The Cattle Industry

The beef cattle industry will receive $5.1 billion of CFAP funding to partially offset 2020 losses due to COVID-19. USDA expects to begin sign-up in early May and distribute payments by late May or early June.

Fed cattle traded steady in a light test.
Fed Cattle Market AWOL, Feeder Cattle Rally

COVID-19 has temporarily placed a restriction on the number of cattle that can be harvested in a given week. That scenario is usually a recipe for lower prices, but this week’s extremely light fed trade was steady.

R-CALF seeks solutions to improve cattle markets.
R-CALF Offers ‘Corrective Actions’ For Cattle Markets

During a Facebook Live address to cattlemen Monday night, R-CALF CEO Bill Bullard outlined four actions his group proposes to "restore balance to our dysfunctional cattle markets."

How will COVID-19 impact beef demand?
Nalivka: Unprecedented Events

The unprecedented events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic have led to a severe economic downturn and will impact livestock markets going forward.

Feeder markets have shown extreme volatility
Derrell Peel: Cattle Market Responses To Recent Market Turmoil

The current cattle market situation creates significant disparities between the current supply and demand situation and expectations for coming supply and demand conditions.

AgDay Analysis With Cattle Expert Who Helped Officials Write NAFTA

NAFTA was a trade pact written in the early 1990s. Derrell Peel, an extension livestock specialist with Oklahoma State University, is one who aided and gave his insights when trade negotiators were writing the deal.

Derrell Peel: Australian Fires Impact On Cattle And Beef

Widespread wildfires mean Australian cattle and beef production will be reduced for the foreseeable future and rebuilding, whenever it can begin, will take several years.