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Get the Facts and Projections on 2017 from CattleFax

Cow herd expansion countines, while more fed cattle move through packers that are bottle necked by fewer workers and not enough rail capacity.

3 years ago
More herd expansion predicted

The beef cattle herd could expand in 2016. On Jan. 29, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) will release the annual Cattle Inventory Report and the national herd count is expected to see an increase.

4 years ago
CattleFax Webinar Builds Cow-Calf Expansion Roadmap

An upcoming free CattleFax webinar will address the scope of expansion and guide producers through the challenge.

5 years ago
CattleFax Mobile App Exceeds 50,000 Downloads

Latest update to CattleFax Mobile App offers new features for industry leaders at Cattle Industry Convention.

6 years ago