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Beef carcasses
Nalivka: Sorting the Complexity of the Beef Market

Since the week of May 16 when the beef cutout hit record highs, the price has fallen 56%. Simultaneously, weekly beef production has increased 29% and carcass weights are averaging 37 pounds more than last year.

Tyson Foods plant fire on August 9, 2019
Tyson Fire, Pandemic Market Report Released By USDA

USDA released Wednesday the long-awaited report on its investigation into cattle market disruptions following last year’s Tyson Foods packing plant fire and this spring’s impact from the coronavirus pandemic.

Fed cattle market gains momentum
Cash Fed Cattle Finally Find Momentum

Cattle feeders in the South were able to keep the market mostly steady to higher for the week.  Most cash trades were $95-$96 with producers finding themselves in a position to pass on lower bids for front end cattle.

NCF Announces New Partnership With Cargill

The National Cattlemen’s Foundation (NCF) announces a four-year strategic partnership with Cargill funded by a $3 million contribution from the company’s protein business.

Feedlot backlog continues
Derrell Peel: Boxed Beef Prices Sag Under Growing Supply

Boxed beef prices have dropped to their lowest level since 2017, and beef production will continue at a pace above last year with carcass weights up 35 pounds year-over-year.

Analysis: Watching the Cattle Market After Contracts Hit 4-Month High

Cattle futures closed mostly higher for the third consecutive trading session Friday. According to Pro Farmer, August live cattle settled unchanged, while deferred contracts posted modest price gains Friday.

Negotiated sales increased this week
Negotiated Fed Cattle Sales $1 Higher

Cattle feeders holding hedged cattle are finding a strong negative basis of $5 to $7 per cwt., compared with the positive basis of $3 to $5 last July.

Feedlot steer
Large Backlog Of Cattle Remain

Progress appears slow in erasing the backlog of cattle in America's feedyards, and carcass weights averaging 4.2% heavier are the equivalent of 21,000 more cattle coming to market than last year.