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Winter weather often impacts cattle production.
Winter Storm Impacts Markets In Many Ways

Severe weather inevitably means management challenges and higher costs for producers but may also have market impacts if poor conditions are widespread enough.

12 months ago
Large October placements pushed Nov. 1 inventories back above year earlier levels. 
Derrell Peel: More, Heavier Cattle Placed In Feedlots In October

USDA's cattle on feed report counted 11.83 million head on feed, which is 101.2% of last year and up 4.8% from October as feedlot inventories increase to a seasonal peak.

1 year ago
Preconditioned calves return more at auction.
Cattle industry focus on animal health begins at the ranch

Preconditioning programs add value to cattle and the value is consistently reflected in premiums for certified preconditioned calves sold under specific programs.

1 year ago
Derrell Peel: Feeder Cattle Market Update

USDA-AMS reports that combined volumes for seven Oklahoma auctions are up 7.0 percent year over year over the past six weeks.

1 year ago
Beef demand remains strong.
Derrell Peel: Holiday Beef Demand Kicks In

Boxed beef prices increased about ten percent over the month of October into early November, a significantly higher increase than the normal seasonal bump.

1 year ago
Heifer slaughter is up 7.4 percent from one year ago.
More Heifers On Feed Keeping Slaughter Higher In 2019

Friday's USDA cattle on feed report pegged heifer numbers at 39.1 of feedlot inventories, the highest percentage in more than 18 years, and year-to-date heifer slaughter is up more than 7%.

1 year ago
Ag markets will be affect by several issues.
Derrell Peel: Issues In Agricultural and Food Markets

Agricultural markets will be impacted by world population growth, economic growth and the expanding middle class, African Swine Fever and the development of alternative proteins.

1 year ago
Tyson Foods
Derrell Peel: Packing Plant Fire Disruptions Fading, Part 2

While many cattlemen were surprised and frustrated with market reactions after the fire, Derrell Peel says the type and duration of price behavior are exactly what is predicted by market economics.

1 year ago