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Friday's COF reports shows the impact of COVID-19
Derrell Peel: COVID-19 Provokes Turbulence In Feedlots

The feedlot industry will spend much of the summer working through the backlog of fed cattle but the hole from March and April feedlot placements should provide a marketing window to catch up by this fall if not before.

6 months ago
Flint Hills grazing
Derrell Peel: Feed And Forage Situation

Overall feed and forage will be favorable and provide more flexibility for feeder and feedlot cattle operations. Potentially emerging drought conditions are a threat and may reduce production and marketing flexibility.

6 months ago
Signs Of Recovery In Beef Packing…But How Fast?

The cattle industry sees a glimmer of hope in last week's harvest data, with estimated slaughter at 452,000 head, down 32.2 percent year-over-year, but up 6.4 percent from the prior week.

6 months ago
An empty grocery store meat case in March.
Derrell Peel: Grocery Disruptions Amid Beef Processing Chaos

Consumers first saw beef supply disruptions in March when the shutdown of food service shifted demand to the retail grocery side where supply chain bottlenecks and a surge in demand resulted in temporary shortages. 

7 months ago
Noble Ranch
Derrell Peel: Be Careful What You Ask For

The anger and frustration of some cattlemen has turned to accusations and proposals for change that will have long-term implications and unintended consequences for the cattle and beef industry.

7 months ago
Losses to the cow-calf sector are estimated at $3.7 billion due to the coronavirus
Derrell Peel: USDA Offers Help For The Cattle Industry

The beef cattle industry will receive $5.1 billion of CFAP funding to partially offset 2020 losses due to COVID-19. USDA expects to begin sign-up in early May and distribute payments by late May or early June.

7 months ago
Derrell Peel: Meat Production Threatened With Disruption

The U.S. meat industry faces unprecedented threats as COVID-19 sweeps through labor forces nationwide.  Production of beef, pork and poultry are simultaneously threatened by labor availability and processing capacity.

7 months ago
Beef Market Impacts From COVID-19 Vary Widely

It's not clear where the boxed beef cutout will settle out in the coming days. At the same time, the demand for food service has dropped sharply leading to a diverse set of impacts on various wholesale beef cuts.

7 months ago