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A 4-R program for summer grazing

Jul 02, 2015 by Rory Lewandowski
With the arrival of summer we can generally expect warm to hot temperatures and less frequent rainfall. The vast majority of pastures managed for grazing in our area are composed of cool season grass species that grow b

Forage harvest guidelines

Jun 04, 2015 by Rory Lewandowski
Our mechanical forage harvest season has begun. Forages are mechanically harvested for use as stored feed. We have 3 basic forage harvest systems that are used: dry hay, silage, and wet hay or baleage. Within each of th

Spring grazing management

Apr 29, 2015 by Rory Lewandowski
Well begun is half done is an old saying that is used to capture the importance of making a thoughtful, planned and managed beginning to a project. That type of beginning can reduce or eliminate later problems, saving t

Grass tetany prevention

Mar 26, 2015 by Rory Lewandowski
As pastures and small grain fields begin to green up, and livestock owners make plans to begin early spring grazing passes, keep in mind the risk of grass tetany.