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At the Table: The Code

May 21, 2020 by Nicole Lane Erceg
Meaningful change isn’t accomplished overnight. More often, it happens slowly by chipping away piece by piece until something new suddenly takes shape. 

Black Ink: This Too Shall Pass

Apr 03, 2020 by Nicole Lane Erceg
In troubled times, the comfort of food and good beef in the freezer keeps many Americans content and healthy at home. Hopefully, we will all soon be back in our favorite steakhouse.

Black Ink: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Feb 14, 2020 by Nicole Lane Erceg
We ended 2019 with 72% of the harvest reaching Choice grade and 8.6% Prime. There’s more premium beef on the market than ever. Could we be approaching our destination, maybe even delivering too much of a good thing?

Consumers Get Rewarded For Eating Beef

Feb 06, 2020 by Nicole Lane Erceg
The Certified Angus Beef brand just launched a Steakholder Rewards loyalty program, offering members exclusive VIP experiences like a chef plan a holiday dinner, or a trip to a ranch and access to exclusive merchandise.

New book release benefits ranchers

Nov 26, 2019 by Nicole Lane Erceg
Sheltering Generations — The American Barn, is a book that features stories of beef producers in more than 20 states, cataloging ranch life, rural community and the role of barns in our landscape.